On living the seven manly virtues


What is manliness, and how does one live a life of manly virtue? Authors Brett and Kate McKay, the married team behind the popular website artofmanliness.com, believe that true manliness and manly virtues are being lost in modern society. In their latest book, “Manvotionals: Timeless Wisdom and Advice on Living the 7 Manly Virtues,” The McKays seek to help men find the manly path once again.

The book may sound silly, or even anachronistic, to some people, and yet to read through it is to realize that something truly is missing in modern men. Being a man is not defined by or limited to drinking beer, fixing cars and watching football. It is living a virtuous life.

This book will change your perceptions.

“Manvotionals” is a primer to give men direction and purpose in living the manly, virtuous life. It is divided into seven chapters based on the seven manly virtues: Manliness, Courage, Industry, Resolution, Self-Reliance, Discipline and Honor.

Each chapter contains classic advice passed down through generations of humanity in poetry, speeches, quotations and essays. These range from the philosophy of Aristotle to the poetry of Rudyard Kipling and Robert W. Service to the speeches of Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. The pages are filled with timeless advice from which to learn and seek inspiration.

“Manvotionals” is the second book in the Art of Manliness series, the first book being titled, “The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man.” That book was more of a how-to manual in terms of practicing manly arts, skills and actions: how to tie different necktie knots, how to make a fire, how to do a fireman’s carry, how to groom yourself well, be a leader, be a good father and husband, and so on.

This second book in the series is on the mindset of manliness, on the cultivation of the inner man. The McKays define manliness in the introduction as, “striving for virtue, honor and excellence in all area of your life, fulfilling your potential as a man, being the absolute best brother, friend, husband, father and citizen you can be. Living a life of virtuous excellence is harder than learning how to tie a tie or start a fire, but no other pursuit will be as supremely rewarding.”

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