LETTERS: Failure to exercise prudence

— To the editor: The Lysander town board held a 7 p.m. Jan. 23 public hearing on its proposal of a local law to increase the town’s planning board members from five to seven. The hearing opened with a call for speakers on behalf of the proposal. None came forward. Conversely, a dozen and a half persons spoke in opposition to the proposal; some speaking twice. A general consensus questioned the extra costs for increasing the membership. Finally, towards the end of the hour long hearing, two persons did speak in favor of the change.

At the following 8:10 p.m. town board meeting, an agenda listed the new business item (F) for a resolution of local law #1/2012 increasing planning board members from five to seven. A motion to pass was countered by Councilor Art Levy’s motion to table the item, adding there was no apparent reason to rush. Levy introduced the cost-effectiveness for studying the pending town of Cicero’s proposal to decrease its planning board members from seven to five and directed the same to the Lysander town attorney. A second to his motion was not given, so the board continued with its original motion where a vote of 4-1 passed the resolution.

In an age of consolidation, combined services and cut backs, it would have been prudent for the board to have tabled the resolution for further discussion. At other public hearings, those unable to attend are granted an opportunity to submit a written testimony for consideration. A decision is then made upon the complete review of all the facts. It is unknown whether written testimonies were considered by the board in their deliberation of the passed resolution.

Kevin Bamerick is a resident of Baldwinsville.

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