2013: What’s to come in your hometown?

Your local town leaders present their resolutions for their municipalities for 2013.

Your local town leaders present their resolutions for their municipalities for 2013.

It’s that time of year — time for New Year’s resolutions. And while many of us are committing to getting organized or living a healthier lifestyle, our local municipal leaders are also resolving to provide better services, more efficient government and more value for our tax dollars.

Read on to find out what your town and village leaders have to say about the changes coming in 2013.

Cicero Supervisor Jim Corl

Here are a few of the many goals for Cicero in 2013:

Begin implementation of the Cornell Road Program. With the support of the highway superintendent and town engineers, Cicero will be making much needed changes in our approach to the most visible part or our infrastructure: our roads. Although overall town spending will be down slightly in 2013, our paving budget has increased from $650,000 to $800,000. A new approach of making the dollars go further will certainly be beneficial for the future of our road system.

Work to revise and make our codes and application process for new business coming into town to make the process easier. Although we saw a 54 percent increase in site plans (new businesses or expansions), there is still work to do in this competitive market. In 2012 we conducted an internal audit of our codes department to determine how we could better serve the community including revising processes to make things easier for businesses. I believe working toward implementing the recommendations of this internal audit will be beneficial to Cicero.

We need to continue to look at innovative ways of introducing new technology to make our local government even more efficient. In early 2012 we purchased a new server, and we saw our IT cost cut almost in half. These types of investments are important for the town. Recently, we also agreed to lease computers for the town, which will improve efficiency and most like reduce technical support even further. Implementation of a new complex software system for our codes office will also be an important goal, as it will be easier to track complaint and ensure the appropriate follow-up.

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