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As a civil engineer and avid fisherman who has lived in Cazenovia for nearly 45 years, I have witnessed first-hand what the increased population around Cazenovia Lake has done to the lake.

More than 30 years ago, we had the opportunity to construct sewers around the lake and get a combined 87 percent grant from the State and Federal funding under the Water Pollution Control Act of 1972. There was great opposition to putting sewers around the lake because it would encourage development.

Unfortunately, the development happened anyway.

Years ago I had many conversations with Town Supervisor Tom Dreisbach about the need for sewers and he finally agreed that the answer was to adopt strict zoning regulations to control growth, and then the sewers could be installed without fear of over development. I believe the first step has been taken.

The critics will say we need more time to study the lake; that the septic systems are working fine (and besides they are only part of the problem); the water quality of the lake is excellent and furthermore we are controlling the weeds by chemically-treating the lake.

I have fished Cazenovia Lake every year since I have lived here, and remember when the northwest bay had only lily pads and very few weeds that allowed you to fish in open water the entire shore line.

You could see all the rocks on the submerged island halfway down the lake, and I could show anyone who was interested the historical sunken Indian canoe.

As more and more houses were built around the lake, the weeds began to grow and grow and grow. You could no longer find any open water in the north end of the lake and weeds were so plentiful powerboats were getting stuck in blankets of floating weeds over the submerged island.

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