Fayetteville trustees discuss proposal to lower speed limit in village

— “We also have a ton of complaints,” said Trustee Chris Randall.

“I was passed on Lincoln,” said Duggleby.

Duggleby said Manlius police currently focus enforcement efforts on the village’s state and county roads and neighborhood roads inside the village are being overlooked. In November, he said, Manlius police issued 69 traffic tickets; 35 were in Fayetteville and only eight of them were on “interior streets.”

Craw, the DPW superintendent, said there are 27 miles of road in the village.

“The outside, the county and state roads, probably [make up] about five miles,” he said. “Most of the tickets are on county and state roads, and we’ve got the majority of the miles.”

Duggleby said he hopes to encourage drivers to slow down and police officers to up their enforcement.

Alice Craw recalled a previous administration trying to get Manlius police to increase their Fayetteville presence “when all these stop signs were put on every single corner in this village.”

“[Drivers] don’t stop at the stop signs and they don’t enforce that,” she said, “so how are they gonna enforce the speed limit law?”

“I’m trying to figure out a way to make it easier for them to enforce it,” Duggleby replied. “I’m trying to give them a reason to be there.”

He said Manlius police have told him that for the most part, people are driving between 30 and 40 mph on the roads in question, “and they won’t pull them over for going that speed.”

“If the speed limit’s 25 and they’re only going 30, that’s a whole different ball game,” he said. “So now all of a sudden if someone’s going 32, 33, more likely they’re gonna get a ticket. If they’re caught.”

Craw asked how many people had been hit by cars, or if there had been any accidents, on roads where the lowered speed limit is being considered. “I never hear of anything happening on those roads,” she said.

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