To all municipal boards: Do not allow VSM to build here


To the editor:

As a resident of the town and village of Skaneateles for more than 20 years, I cherish the intimate, neighborly atmosphere of our community. In honoring and preserving that atmosphere, every elected — or appointed — member of our town, planning, and zoning boards holds a position of trust on behalf of our residents.

The obligation of board members is to uphold the safety and sustainability of our hometown as a place of quiet enjoyment for those who live here, visit us and patronize our merchants and services. The boards are in no way obliged to accommodate our community to the needs of a major new commercial enterprise that seeks to locate here.

They are entrusted, rather, to serve as a bulwark against incursions which would burden us with infrastructure, administrative, public safety and watershed/environmental protection demands that we are not equipped to meet, and for which there is no meaningful incentive to expand our systems and capabilities as a small residential community.

They are entrusted to preserve the semi-rural peace and quiet of our landscape, viewshed and flyways against outsize structures and parking lots, light pollution from stadium fixtures, needless hazards to migrating birds and noise pollution from streams of vehicles and sports crowds.

Above all, it is their obligation to discern that egregiously false representations made by applicants, regarding the extent to which they would burden and disrupt our community, suggest that bad faith will inevitably — and at endless cost to Skaneateles — characterize future dealings with the enterprise, should the application be granted.

For all of these reasons, I am relying on the boards concerned in this matter to determine that the proposed “VSM Victory Campus” complex be ruled neither appropriate nor sustainable for the town of Skaneateles.



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