F-M School District responds to Connecticut school shooting

— —The Manlius Police Department reached out to the school district to reiterate its availability to help the district with any safety and security needs. The district has worked closely with the Manlius Police Department on district safety issues, and a Manlius police officer currently serves as the district’s School Information and Resource Officer.

—The superintendent and assistant superintendents visited each school to lend support to staff, and district counseling staff was available to talk with students or staff members who needed help dealing with the Sandy Hook tragedy and its many unanswered questions.

The district regularly reviews safety protocols with staff members and students, focusing on what signs to watch for that could preempt a crisis situation and how to respond if an event occurs, Kaiser said.

“We practice with our students, staff and administrators for events like the Sandy Hook tragedy in the hopes that we never have to enact those procedures, but if we do, we will be ready to employ strategies that saved students and staff members in similar events,” the superintendent said. “One of the strongest lines of defense we have is the adults who work in our buildings, people who know the children coming into our schools every day — people who know when someone is there who doesn’t belong or can recognize when a student is acting out of sorts.”

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