LETTERS: Christakos: Press on with water and sewer

To the editor:

I just received another letter asking me to tell the town to “stop all work on its sewer/water proposal now.”

Sorry, I cannot do that. I am in favor of the town’s initiative to provide us public water and sewer.

What am I missing?

The Cazenovia Town Board and town engineer have nothing to gain (except headaches and ridicule) if their estimates are wrong. The town estimates a fee of $7,500 for the average home to hook up. Quite reasonable when you consider many high-end homes will spend that much on one appliance.

Please try to have perspective on this, as it is an opportunity not to let pass by.

The town board is not only offering me the chance to have fresh, clean, drinking water piped directly to my home (no more salt bags from Buyeas), but also adding sewer service to bypass my septic tank forever (no headaches and worries for me or any potential buyer). This is fantastic news.

I am not a scientist, and don’t claim to know better than the experts; instead, I am a practical property owner who believes in gravity: If I dig a hole between my house and the lake and fill it with human and food waste, detergents, etc. then gravity takes over and this “stuff” ends up in the lake. Like the saying goes, “stuff flows downhill.”

I don’t like spending money any more than the next guy, but this one is a “no-brainer.” Think of it as an “investment” because I’d bet that for each dollar I spend to get clean tap water and sewer service to my home, my property increases in value three-fold. To boot, we get clean water and responsible sewage removal.

The northern neighborhoods raise good questions about added density and their current private water supply. The town board can work with those concerns, as they should. Maybe we should consider the project in two phases: Phase No.1 from the village line to Chard Road, and Phase No.2 from Chard Road to the northern neighborhoods if they so choose later.

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