LETTERS: Herr voices support of proposed sewer district

To the editor:

As a resident in the proposed Northeast Cazenovia Lake Sewer District I would like to voice my strong support for this project.

My reason is very simple. I want modern sewage disposal and domestic water to serve my property.

I was quite surprised and disappointed to see that the initial survey of the residents was not overwhelmingly in support of this project. Why would we not all want modern services for our properties?

Will it cure the lake of all sources of pollution? No, but I do know it will be better for the lake and all of us than doing what we do now.

It should be one part of a comprehensive plan to control all pollution sources of the lake for our future generations. It will also have a direct benefit for residents in their property values.

In the past, residents used to dump their garbage into the lake or in their back yards. Current residents would be horrified to see that today.

Those novel chamber pots you might see in an antique show used to be dumped in the back alley until we learned that was not a wise choice. Cities of the past were full of disease until our ancestors realized the connection between public sanitation and human disease.

Modern sewer and water systems were the result. Let’s move forward and get the most modern and efficient sewer and water systems for our area. I do not like the expense anymore than anyone else.

I do see it as a wise investment for us, our children and their children.

James Herr


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