Caz Village Board adopts standards for new streets

— During its regular monthly meeting on Dec. 3, the Cazenovia Village Board unanimously approved the amending of existing standards and establishment of new regulations for the future construction of streets and sidewalks within the village. The decision came after a public hearing, which preceded the meeting, and was met with little public comment.

The board amended language in Chapters 152 and 155 of the Code of the Village of Cazenovia, and designated two arterial streets and six collector streets while deeming the rest of the village’s roadways as minor streets.

“Collector streets are county or village streets that serve as a connection from minor streets to arterial streets, thereby collecting traffic or serving as routes for through-traffic entering and exiting the village,” said Trustee Jim Joseph, who is commissioner of streets and sidewalks. “All new streets shall include curbs or asphalt tip-ups, as determined by the planning board. All new streets shall include a pedestrian sidewalk on at least one side of the street. Minimum width of the sidewalks shall be five feet. Regarding future construction, all street material will conform to the New York State Department of Transportation specifications. Currently, approval must be sought by the planning board and tree commission [for the planting of trees in the village]. Under these new specifications, approval must also be granted by the public works administrator.”

The two roadways designated as arterial streets are Route 20 (Albany Street) and Route 13 (Farnham Street). The six roadways named as collector streets are Chenango, Fenner, Forman, Lincklaen, Mill and Sullivan.

Reasons for the change were given by Village Attorney Jim Stokes, which were largely centered around construction specifications, such as the need for a 60-foot right-of-way.

“A lot used to be left to interpretation in the old definition. Building minor streets to collector street standards would be harmful to the public’s safety,” said Mayor Kurt Wheeler.

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