Honestly! Honesty?

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What is it to be honest? Why is it so hard to figure out if you are really being honest with yourself?

I think it so terribly brave, to recognize and admit to your shortcomings. I sure have a tough time with it.

The surrender to your failures is the most challenging of all. To accept yourself for what you are and who you’ve been and give voice to it is freeing and in the process you somehow enable others to not be so scared to accept their own challenges and speak of them.

Since I started this column, a mere three weeks ago, so many of our neighbors in our tight-knit clan of a town have opened up to me with their own stories and truths. Some quite horrible to hear, some so relieved to vent considering me a kindred spirit, a person who is non-judgmental to talk to and some thanking me for my admissions, that I helped to give their own words flight.

Once you can admit to yourself that you really sucked at something whether it be past or present it’s not that hard to be honest. The only thing you really have to give into is the fear of judgment.

Don’t get me wrong, I do care what people think of me but at my age — 58 — I am what I am, and if you resent my intent to find my honest being, I’m sorry but you’re the one missing out.

I’m just another woman; a wife, a mother, a friend, an enemy to few, although one-sided, as I chose to forgive and sometimes even forget. I think I’m fair but opinionated, smart but stupid as well, a giver not a taker and sometimes a poor decision maker. I am just trying to be honest. I suppose we all own our honesty ... what ever we’re not afraid to face becomes our honest self, as we are only as healthy as we allow ourselves to be.

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