LETTERS: Holmes wonders about affect of proposed sewer district on lakeside residents

To the editor:

Several community members have obtained data showing that Cazenovia Lake is healthy and clean based on NYS DEC guidance values.

So why the push for this sewer project?

When town officials are asked why, their response is “for the health of the lake,” with no specifics as to what problems exist.

If that is truly the reason, then how can you do a project that does not include all the lake properties, from Tunnel Lane to Overlook Terrace there are no plans for any new systems in that area — don’t they impact the lake the same as the other properties?

Funding for this will be by the residents in the proposed sewer districts only.

When asked at a recent meeting why this was not a whole town project the town attorney stated you have to prove a benefit to the whole town to do that and this is a specific property owner benefit.

But, if we remember when the town joined the village and Cazenovia Lake Association in support — both in principle and financially — of the milfoil treatment, they were the lead agent in the project and stated their support as the lake benefits the town of Cazenovia, so what is different now?

Maybe sewers or others systems such as the peat system are the answer for the lake and watershed, but until a full, comprehensive study with specific steps and guide lines has been completed by a committee of the town, village, community organizations and members, we should not rush into a plan that doesn’t address all lake properties and the watershed — which makes me ask “what is the real agenda?” behind this.

Sandra Holmes


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