Honestly! Am I poor or is it just the holiday season?

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I’ve already lived in the city and at the beach, so here I am.

In all the places I’ve lived, I am presently the most happy and relaxed, artistically challenged and mentally stimulated as I’ve ever been. Our unique cast of characters in our town of talents keeps me in plenty of like company. Interesting, interested, talented, creative and giving people, genuine neighbors and helping strangers all, rolled up in this little place south of Syracuse.

I thought it so important to be near a big city so that I could fly away from an airport at a moment’s notice. Since I’ve been here I’ve had no desire to leave. It’s just that lovely. There’s a great gentle spirit here again now that the elections are over and we can all go back to being neighbors. Division is such an ugly thing.

My son just got a great apartment in Cazenovia — his first — with his girlfriend. He has a great landlord and rent that includes heat and electric. My middle daughter is getting married next summer to a guy I love, and my oldest just got into NYU for her nursing degree. On top of all that, I’m selling my artwork.

I’m happily-married at least 65 percent of the time, and in my book that’s pretty good odds considering what it entails. We all know that in a bowl of cherries there are always plenty of pits. The trick is not to let them choke you to death.

When my Multiple Sclerosis isn’t kicking my butt, I drive for CRIS-CAT, a fabulous organization in Caz. We give rides to the mobile elderly and handicapped, doctor appointments, food shopping, etc. It’s just one of the things this town does. I always wonder when I drive if I am doing it because I’m just plain nice and I want to help or I am doing it selfishly to pay it forward if I ever need to call for a ride myself.

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