Honestly! Am I poor or is it just the holiday season?

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OK, so I screwed up my second column by not making an early deadline. So Clark Kent — busy with other things — forgetting the column. I’m truly sorry, I’m new at this.

I was wondering what my second column might be about as I strolled through the Salvation Army in Chittenango recently. I was hoping to run across a new set of silverware for this year’s Thanksgiving, but was actually searching for a cauldron for my son’s girlfriend, who wants to dabble in Wicca.

I am trying to embrace my new life of not having two nickles to rub together as well as becoming noticeably older to myself. Every wrinkle is a newfound friend, as my wallet won’t permit a whole face job.

I started to wonder why I was feeling so sorry for myself as the challenge of finding a treasure for nothing loomed in front of me. Once a shopper, always a shopper — no matter what the situation. I finally checked out with the perfect cauldron, 99 cents, thank you.

I was feeling quite depressed as I wondered, probably out loud (as I’ve been doing lately), am I poor? My first thought went back to two of the things my mom used to say to us: “What are you, a moron?” and the family favorite “snap out of it!” So I did, and looked at things from the silver lining side of the cloud ... the bright side.

I have friends and family that actually, really like and love me. Unlike the “friends” that I’ve had that only like me to my face. We all know a few of them, don’t we? The face-likers. It’s polite and quite hard work, so I commend their self-control and can’t say anything bad about it. It keeps things civil. Besides, I’ve done it myself so who am I to preach?

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