COLUMN: Coffee with the Mayor

Baldwinsville Mayor Joseph Saraceni met with Messenger Editor Erin Wisneski last Tuesday at Canton Woods Senior Center to chat about what’s new in the village. Last week’s discussion touched upon various topics brought up by residents visiting the center.

Larry Wood kicked off last Tuesday’s conversation with a question about an “Olympic size swamp” next to his residence that he was concerned was a breeding pool for mosquitoes. The area was designed as a detention pond for run-off water, but fails to drain. Peg Dallin also chimed in regarding a neighbor’s pool, which was not being used, but held stagnant water. Mayor Joe Saraceni said anyone having concerns about standing water such as these should contact the village code enforcement officer, Gregg Humphrey (635-2481).

Larry also suggested the mayor look into painting a crosswalk between the First United Methodist Church and the village hall. “People walk right across without looking,” Larry said. “I think it would slow [traffic] down, too.”

Joe said the village DPW met recently to discuss upcoming roadwork and decided to focus on repairing Downer Street from Seneca Street to Meigs Road. Residents can expect construction to begin as summer comes to a close. Joe also said officials are working to make Meigs Road safer for pedestrians. This includes removing one of the knolls along the road to improve visibility for both drivers and walkers and installing a sidewalk, which will connect Syracuse Home to the village. The project is funded through a Community Development Grant.

The discussion turned to empty business buildings such as the former Burger King and Eckerd buildings on the northern side of the river, as well as the Tri County Mall property. Joe told the seniors there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Tri County Mall and he is optimistic the area will improve in the near future.

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