LETTERS: Rome was not built in a day

— I reside in the Town of Lysander, but this is an issue in Van Buren also. Our town governments are looking into appointing certain elected positions in our towns. This will come to a public vote for both towns probably this fall, and I have reservations about appointing these positions. I am not affiliated with any political party.

I can only speak for my dealings with the Lysander Town Board, but I do not trust our town board to appoint the "most qualified" person for the position, if either town clerk or town highway super becomes an appointed position. Three people that ran together last year have the controlling majority on our town board, and those three people have voted together all year. Given that track record, I expect more of the same. They voted to add two members to the planning board two weeks into office, immediately after a public hearing where a majority were against it. They also appointed a person to the town board that they bought signs from for their election. They met with many people so they could "hit the ground running" between their election win in November and Dec. 31, in my opinion, to get around open meetings laws. John Salisbury appointed Art Levy Deputy Town Supervisor in January as a sign of bipartisanship, only to remove him a mere six months later and replace him with Melinda Shimer, part of his JAM team. Their track record shows nothing of appointing the most qualified people to a position. They have control of the board and they want to have more control of all town business.

If the appointment referendum passes, I hope they make the official reside within the town. When someone lives in your town, you feel like they understand your issues. Someone driving in and out of your town every day may be just working for a paycheck. Appointments could also open a "revolving door" of officials. If the board doesn't get along with who they hired, they may just replace them.

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