A Day on the River – An August Snow Storm


When was the last time you have seen an “August Snow Storm”? It just does not happen up here in the northeast. I did encounter one in late August in Pinedale, Wyo., on the Upper Green River, but that was about it.

In reality, the vision of what you see and what it reminds you of may not be the frozen flakes from the sky, but that is what it looks like.

There is a phenomenal visual experience that can appear as a heavy snow fall, it is the Ephoron Leukon mayfly hatch. The August White Fly, or Ephoron, hatches in the hot part of summer and is beyond impressive. The visual experience of thousands of mayflies hatching that are all big in comparison to many of the other mayflies, and pure white, will no doubt provide you with the vision of a major white out snow storm.

This mayfly hatch is beyond description and an experience you would like to take in. The first time I observed the hatch was on West Canada Creek down stream from Newport, N.Y. It was astounding. There were so many mayflies on the water and in the air that all you could do is become an observer of Mother Nature at work.

To try to catch a trout on an artificial white fly was not going to happen. One perfectly tied white fly among thousands of Ephoron is for the trout like finding the needle in a hay stack.

The occurrence of the white fly hatch is about mid-August. The start of the hatch period is intense. As the hatch cycle continues, the number of white flies hatching diminishes significantly.

So by late August and into September the hatch is at a level that the trout will still actively feed on and the fly fisher has a good opportunity to present a fly to a feeding trout. So in regard to this hatch, fishing it later in the hatch cycle is better.

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