Packed house views ‘Gasland,’ discusses impacts of hydrofracking

“Gasland” gave a very dramatic picture of how, as a country, we are sacrificing our water and air to get natural gas. This sacrifice involves people’s lives, their homes, their communities. While a few people gain short term wealth and there is a temporary spike in jobs, the majority of people are left with a forever scarred environment, loss of property values and struggles with just staying healthy.

The gas in the ground will eventually run out and we will be left with a land that is damaged for generations.

There was a lively discussion after the movie about how this would impact our towns and our state. It was clear that towns, through “home rule,” can construct strong zoning laws and ordinances to prevent drilling. This is backed by the courts, and it is the only way to prevent hydrofracking from coming into our towns.

A number of towns have already done this and many more are moving in this direction. The meeting had people from Cazenovia, Fenner, Nelson, Pompey, Fabius and Chittenango represented.

There was one person who spoke up saying that drilling was mostly safe and that he burned natural gas to heat his home, so he shouldn’t speak ill about hydrofracking unless he was willing to heat his home with something else.

The consensus of the group agreed to disagree with him. Everyone left committed to work with their towns in protecting our precious homes and environment for the future and not give in to short term gains.

For more information on gas drilling, visit shaleshock.org or foodandwaterwatch.org.

Philip Rose is a member of the Fenner Neighbors Group. He can be reached at prosemeister@gmail.com.

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