Packed house views ‘Gasland,’ discusses impacts of hydrofracking

The Fenner Neighbors Group sponsored a showing of the award-winning documentary “Gasland” on Monday, July 30 at the Cazenovia Public Library.

Approximately 50 people attended the event, which the FNG hosted, complete with snacks and good clean water.

I was struck by how many people were drinking water during the movie. Here we are, drinking this life-giving substance that we too often just take for granted and we expect it to be there when we want it and we expect it not to poison us or taste bad.

Watching Josh Fox’s movie about the effects of hydraulic fracturing, and seeing family after family struggling with having their water supply destroyed and the cost and the time it takes to get fresh water, was heart breaking.

People getting sick and learning that it was their water that was poisoning them just brought it home about what could happen to our lovely towns and villages.

I was also struck by how these thousands upon thousands of industrial gas drilling sites dominated the hillsides and plains of thousands of towns. The film pointed out that for each drill pad, there are at least 800 truck trips, using our roads, hauling in equipment, water and people, then hauling out polluted water, gas and equipment.

I was talking with a friend the other day; she and her husband live in Mansfield Penn. We weren’t talking about gas drilling but she was telling me that the two of them had gone for a hike in a beautiful little valley nearby — when she paused and said, “Well it used to be beautiful before the hydrofracking.” This is just one aspect of allowing drilling into our towns — the loss of beauty, tranquility and peacefulness.

This is one of the main reasons many of us have chosen to live here, farm here, raise animals and raise our children and grandchildren.

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