LETTERS: Lysander demonstrates lack of transparency, motive and rationale

— With little ability to form an educated opinion due to lack of information, this request to remove the public’s right to vote could be put up on the fall ballot. The lack of transparency, motive and rationale, coupled with the restriction of question or comment is government operating outside of its intended purpose.

I followed the election of board members John Salisbury, Melinda Shimer and Andy Reeves, and their collective campaign rested on transparency of government contrasted against previous officials. After this last meeting, I find their claims empty.

After a great deal of digging, I would like to think that some of the motivation for taking away the public vote for highway superintendent is part of a bigger plan of consolidation with the town of Van Buren that could be positive and constructive.

Removing the public’s ability to vote on the town clerk appears to have little redeeming value. Without a proper narrative the public is left to guess; and an informed guess says this is a move to silence another elected official whose views are not shared by the board majority of John Salisbury, Andy Reeves and Melinda Shimer. Lack of explanation and insufficient time to digest these issues leaves me feeling disenfranchised and disappointed in the town board.

I would ask that the Lysander Town Board operate with respect, maintain order and provide clarity of intent. A government operating in a vacuum is not a democracy. I would also ask that the residents of Lysander take note of the Aug. 13 meeting. An involved public brings accountability and the power of an informed voter.

Casey Ostrander is a resident of Baldwinsville.

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