Hugs and kisses and sleeping with the fishes

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In the last few years, after President Barak Obama assumed his love affair with the common man and accepted his daunting responsibilities, the Republicans promised an even better country.

They claimed their love for the American people was warmer, more authentic and compassionate. They said Obama was aloof, idealistic and had a chip on his shoulder. They said they would endear the American public with a real love and a warm hug instead of a lukewarm embrace from a cold fish.

A hug is not an embrace because it takes two to embrace and only one to hug. Hugs are more flagrant and eager than embraces. An embrace doesn’t always equal two simultaneous hugs, although some embraces are passionate from both sides while some hugs are really poses and actually not hugs at all.

We went for it and overwhelmingly voted the Republicans into office. We were eager for new ideas and open to fair play. After all, we’re all brothers. We’re family. What could go wrong with one party busy hugging and the other busy embracing? Surely, this was a win-win situation.

A proud moment that swells the chest of a parent for a child or a mentor toward a student, culminating in the proverbial stuffing being squeezed out, these hugs need not be reciprocated for validation or warranted for exuberance, but merely portray an impulsive need to express one’s delight of the circumstance presented.

Then, when the clouds of the 2012 presidential election started to slowly fill the sky, a shadow came upon our land. The two children in the sandbox stopped playing with each other. The clouds produced rain and the rain produced mud. A deep line was drawn in the sand and the fragments began shifting in opposite directions. Cries for alarm and repair were sounded only to be haughtily muffled by the audacity of inactivity. The nation would remain at odds and essentially paralyzed, until one side or the other takes over. The whole country has gone to the proverbial mattresses.

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