Village residents speak out over possible change to neighborhood walkway

— Some speakers at the hearing both wanted a better path but did not want it paved with concrete. It was suggested that the board look to other paths in the village, such as ones on Orchard Street and on the school grounds, that were made of solid, permeable materials like crushed limestone, which would be able to be plowed in winter but would affect good drainage in summer.

The debate then turned to the legal side of the issue, with questions being raised about the terms “sidewalk” versus “walkway,” and the original intent of both the village and the subdivision builder when the easement for the pathway was put in place in the 1980s and whether or not the village has the right to make changes or the homeowners have the right to stop such changes.

Kevin McCormick, also a local resident, ultimately suggested that perhaps the only real solution to the disagreement was for the two sides to go to court and get a declaratory finding of what the village could or could not do to the pathway. “Go to court, spend a few bucks, maybe it would be resolved,” he said.

At the conclusion of the public comment period, Hubbard said the board would make its decision on the issue by the board’s next meeting. “We’re not going to postpone this decision,” he said.

Jason Emerson is editor of the Skaneateles Press. He can be reached at editor@skaneatelespress.com.

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