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A few weeks ago in my column on holistic medicine, I mentioned I’d be inviting local natural therapy practitioners to share information about their practices.

This week, my column features an article contributed by Susan Padula, CBS, CSMS, LSP. Padula is a board certified biofeedback practitioner and New York licensed spiritual healer. She holds certifications as stress management specialist and reiki practitioner. She was a Hospice volunteer for eight years.

Padula’s focus is stress and pain management for better mental, emotional and physical health. She has been working with people and animal companions for more than 20 years, and regularly attends training workshops throughout the country to keep abreast of the latest energy techniques.

She will be one of the presenters at the upcoming Natural Healing and Wellness Fair being held on Saturday, May 19 at the American Legion Post on Chenango Street.

Padula’s article, “Integrated Energy Techniques for Humans and Animals,” follows:

Energetic healing techniques are proven to be powerful modalities to better health and wellbeing. They can bring about better energetic balance, can strengthen and regenerate the body and help remove blocked energy. They affect the body on a cellular level to improve overall and specific health issues.

Energy techniques act on the body’s natural inclination to heal itself. Every cell, organ, muscle, bone, etc. has an optimal frequency. Any interruption in the optimal can cause distress. Each session is individual and based on the client’s needs at that time.

By integrating biofeedback, bioenergetics mats, oils, color, crystals, reiki and other modalities, we work to bring the body back to balance and encourage healing. Biofeedback is used to detect stressors and show the energetic state of the body and direction the energy is flowing. Reiki helps restore harmony, strengthens and regenerates the body.

Biogenesis tools are very effective in removing blocked and negative energies and do help to establish connection to higher dimensions.

Using guided meditation, practicing yoga or tai chi, using affirmations and walking in nature can greatly enhance health. One or more of these can be used as ‘homework’ for the client.

We all have a pattern of vibrational frequency, everyone is unique! Finding our balance encourages healing and brings joy and contentment to our lives.

To contact Padula, call 697-8381 or email spadula@twcny.rr.com.

Oscar Soto is a licensed physical therapist and the owner of Back On Track Physical Therapy & Wellness Center. He can be reached at 655-5453 or backontrack@windstream.net.

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