A SKEWED VIEW: Comedian's show hits the wrong nerve

It was Saturday morning, April 14, when I decided I was going to head to The Landmark in Syracuse to catch Daniel Tosh, a comedian who has grown famous because of his web-fueled show Tosh.O.

Tosh isn’t your average comedian. He’s a foul-mouthed, skinny white male who decided he’s allowed to base his stand-up routine on sexism, racism and making fun of all people in general.

On his show, he plays random video clips from the Internet, then makes a gaggle of offensive jokes about whites, blacks, Asians, Jews, Christians, fat people, skinny people and anyone else you can possibly imagine. He usually makes a goofy face, one which is supposed to tell people he’s just joking. Often times I find myself laughing at his antics, but I never really think too deeply about what is really happening.

That all changed when I saw his stand-up routine. I admit, wholeheartedly, that I thought his show was gut-splittingly hilarious, and I nearly wet myself after some of his jokes.

As the show went on, his mouth kept spitting out humor about the poor, about people in comas, about everything that a normal person wouldn’t dare make fun of. Again, I didn’t bat an eye.

I got up to grab a beer, and while walking to the back, I noticed the crowd was nearly 100 percent white. There was no diversity whatsoever; a bunch of white people were sitting around laughing at things about everyone but white people.

When I got back to my seat, Tosh uttered a joke about how people who live through comas shouldn’t be allowed to live when they wake up. I thought, at that point, I was going to run onstage and punch that little twit in the face. You see, a little more than a year ago, my brother was in a bad accident and was in a coma for nearly four months. He survived, but is fighting to return to shape in a rehabilitation hospital, where he goes through intensive therapy.

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FunnySometimes 3 years, 9 months ago

So everything was hilarious until it affected you personally...a bit hypocritical wouldn't you say?


ncampbell 3 years, 9 months ago

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Speakinthetruth 3 years, 9 months ago

So you are able to laugh at others' problems but not when it hits close to home. This article really should have been titled something to the effect of your own self discovery. It really had little to do with Daniel Tosh. It could have been any number of comics or tv shows that brought you to this point. Tosh could have been talking about any number of peoples "defects", if you will and you would have found it hilarious. Don't make Tosh out to be the bad guy.


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