LETTER: Shooting coyotes in Salina is not the answer

— Shooting coyotes in Salina is not the way to solve a problem. The Town of Salina is considering the very real possibility of allowing the local nuisance control person(s) to kill coyotes in the town by gun. This would be done on residential properties, jeopardizing homes and citizens. There is information available and offered by true experts on “coyote issues” refuting the information being given to the town by local nuisance control people. There is the added cruelty element of killing any animal during breeding season, condemning its young to death by predation, starvation/dehydration and suffering. And who is to say that the alleged “problem coyote” will actually be the target?

Area residents are being asked to attend the next town board meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 23 in the basement of the main hall at the Salina Town Hall, 201 School Road, Liverpool. Elise Able, president of Fox Wood Wildlife Center, who is a highly regarded writer and speaker on Eastern coyotes and their behavior, is planning to attend the meeting. She has also offered to give a presentation called “Eastern Coyote: Friend or Foe?” before the board meeting for interested residents and town representatives from 4:45 to 6 p.m. at the American Legion Hall, 205 Cypress Street, Liverpool.

Additionally, Geri Vistein, a wildlife biologist from Maine, is also offering information to the town in hopes of preventing this travesty from taking place. She has suggested that the nuisance control person now being considered by the town to be the area “expert,” is creating fear and telling outright lies about the species. She, furthermore, says that fear throws off the reality of the issue and hinders steps that can be taken to avert the alleged problem without killing. She is planning to visit and present in June, but that may be too late regarding the current issue. The town needs to hear from the “true” coyote specialists, not the person they will hire to kill animals. Please go to projectcoyote.org to learn about this animal.

Anyone who is interested in this issue is being asked to please attend the meeting and let your voice be heard. Knowledge, and input of concerns from those who will be most affected by the choices made by the Board, is what is needed. This citizen feels that in most situations, deadly or violent “solutions” are seldom warranted or effective.

Janice Wilson


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