Independence Party endorses Supervisor Monforte

Letter to the editor

— To the editor:

The Democratic and Republican Parties have dominated the political scenes for our entire lifetimes.

Republican parties endorse republican candidates and democrat parties endorse democrat candidates, but ask yourself this: “Is political affiliation a requirement for the job, or even a guarantee that the candidate is in any way qualified for the office?”

These two major parties are most often obligated to endorse candidates based solely on their party registration.

The Independence Party is under no such obligation. Instead, we scrutinize, investigate and interview candidates of different party registrations to determine who the best qualified candidate really is with no regard for which major party he or she is registered under.

Endorsements are made by committee vote without consideration of what a candidate can do for the party and without any requirements to please party bosses but based entirely on the candidates willingness and ability to give the public the best and the most.

In other words, a special leader and the ideal candidate who can represent all constituencies and can devise and follow through on strategies to solve issues left, right and center.

Let me introduce you to Ralph Monforte, a Republican from the town of Cazenovia who is running for re-election to the Madison County Board of Supervisors this fall and is just such a candidate.

Monforte was interviewed extensively by the IP and was voted unanimously to be the best man for that job. He is devoted to making not only Cazenovia a better place to work and live, but also the entire county.

Monforte represents proactive, competent, and innovative leadership based on commitment, inventiveness and ingenuity. So this November, please vote to provide and protect the best leadership from Cazenovia by casting your vote for Ralph Monforte. Look for him on the Independence Party line and vote for him there and send a clear message that you are not satisfied with simple rhetoric and that you are prepared to vote to support the best candidate and not just the partisan political party bosses.

For more information about the Independence Party of America, visit independenceamerica.com or access the local chapter at ipmadisoncountyny.com

Terry Karst

Chairman, Madison Co. IP

NYS Exec Committe Member

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