Fenner Street residents wary of lighting proposal

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

We have been following the story on “Light Up Fenner” and, as residents of Fenner Street, have some concerns that we have not seen addressed. This is going to effect the whole village but primarily the area surrounding the fields and Fenner Street.

What is the impact on traffic going to be? Living on Fenner Street, we have seen our street turned into a mini-Route 20. We get all the overflow from the shopping center and when there are sporting events, residents almost need a traffic light to get out of their driveways. The noise has also increased dramatically. There is a constant barrage of car and truck traffic during the day and now it could likely go on until 10 p.m. or later at night. It is good for the athletes, but what about the residents of the areas most effected?

Another concern is the maintenance of the lights. I understand the “Light Up Fenner” group is raising money to install them but who will pay for maintaining them in the future?

When the money from the group finally runs out and the lights are up, will the costs be borne by the taxpayers without their ever having a say in the matter?

Finally, how are the lights going to alter the viewshed? Will these seventy-foot towers be visible from outside the village?

I seem to remember a huge uproar a number of years ago when there was talk of erecting a cell tower that would have interfered with the “viewshed” of the lake. Additionally, several businesses have been discouraged from building, or have not been allowed to build, in Cazenovia because of their designs or the negative impact of their lights, but there does not seem to be any concern about the Fenner field lights.

Why isn’t a complete study being done on how the lights will change the adjacent areas and the village before it is too late?

David and Teri Ayer


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