Whatever happened to our Civil Defense System?

Urban CNY

— However, it appears most economic improvement ideas from Republicans involve giving more to big business, eliminating regulations and responsibilities for their actions. In the meantime, Democrats resemble “the little Dutch boy,” holding their collective finger in the dike to prevent the inevitable flood of program eliminations and cuts.

Unless we do something radically different to create jobs, we’re performing the same result-less task repeatedly expecting a different result.

Unfortunately, most jobs programs that have focused on infrastructure have bypassed the young African-American male. Since these job creation programs tend to focus on union jobs, where we’re woefully under-utilized, we’ll never get the big bang for the buck that this country received when Depression-era programs were created to build and repair bridges, parks, dams and other things.

If we continue to invest in maintaining the status quo, the unemployed will continue to fester in our cities and the gap between black and white incomes will continue to widen. Protecting “the people” from economic calamity is the ultimate Civil Defense.

Ken Jackson is the editor of Urban CNY and a weekly columnist for The Eagle. Reach him at kjackson@urbancny.com.

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