Take Bullis south

— Now that was an exciting primary!

Gestapo Barry and his Lysander Republican Committee skirted the issues and attacked with a P.I., two former police officers and one sitting police officer on a path of personal destruction. Yet no issues.

The most humorous point of the primary came in Neighbors North last week .There were only pro Barry letters and two were from Don Colon and Rich Lesniak. These guys told us how good Barry is for Lysander and we should give him a pension like they have. These two gentlemen are telling us what is best for us as they both head out of Lysander with a taxpayer paid pension. What we believe would be best for Lysander is go in peace guys and best wishes to you and your families. We also believe you two should leave this to the people left here afterwards.

We hear how great Barry is from loyal LRC members. The fact is Barry pressured the last assessor to raise taxes on all businesses in Radisson after his last campaign victory. We lost businesses and litigated as a result. What will he do this time if we elect him? Take him south with you guys!

Submitted by the members of Lysander 1st, John Salisbury, Andrew Reeves and Melinda Shimer.

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AreYouKiddingMe 4 years, 4 months ago

Nice letter, Reeves. Did the other two know you wrote it? You keep writing and Bullis will win in a landslide. Must not have figured out what a liability you are yet.


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