Lysander Planning Board screwed up big time

— I’ve been paying close attention to the news articles about the Northwest YMCA planned for the corner of Route 31 and Drakes Landing in the Radisson development. As a life-long resident of Baldwinsville, in Lysander, I remember when this development was being built. It was intended to be a low-income housing development (UDC), within the village of Baldwinsville. They have the same zip code as Baldwinsville, thus, they are residents of Baldwinsville. Some people forget this.

The Lysander Planning Board rejected the plan for the YMCA to be built on Drakes Landing, stating the plans called for a building that was “out of scope” for the site. From what I could tell from driving along Drakes Landing, there are no houses facing the street, and there didn’t appear to be much foot traffic along that stretch of the road. There already are dedicated turn lanes going into Radisson at that spot - from each direction. What could be better? The building would be immediately on the left, and not require traffic to travel on that road.

When Radisson was being built, some updating from the village was required. There are now three traffic lights going into Radisson. The first light is at Route 31 and Willett Parkway. The second one is at Route 31 and River Road. The most recent one is at Route 31 at Drakes Landing. That makes three traffic lights in about a half mile. That adds time to the drive of anybody who has to go that way.

With everything I have read about the Lysander Planning Board, some of which live in Radisson, and their rejection of the Northwest YMCA because “the scope of the proposed YMCA at the corner of Route 31 and Drakes Landing would have a negative impact on the character of Radisson Community,” I say, how do you figure that? This would be a brand new building. The YMCA on Wetzel Road is just beautiful. I know the one at Baldwinsville on Drakes Landing would be, too.

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