Landscaping needed near Tri-County

— The Tri-County Mall is no more. It’s pretty bad to see an establishment fall to the ground. It would be nice to have it come up once again with new stores.

However, money is the problem. Should the mall become vital again, the perimeter of the facility would have to be trimmed. I am talking about the sides of the mall. If a new mall is not in the plans, the next best thing to do is to trim up the grass that is located near the west-side of the mall. And the parking lot could be picked up as well. There are a few metal fences around the place. Why do the metal fences have to be there?

There are many spots where the grass is growing very high and I think that it should be trimmed up. At least have it look nice for the grounds around the perimeter of the mall. The fallen mall may just sit there for a very long time, but the grounds around the place could be trimmed up nicely. It is rotting away. I could be wrong about this.

If a new mall comes, which is very doubtful, the grounds better get trimmed up. As of right now, I live in Conifer Estates next door to the old mall. Would the reason of not keeping up the grounds be "Why do it? There’s no mall.” If so, that is a bad way of looking at it.

Skip Collins is a resident of Baldwinsville.

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