A love, hate relationship with words

The concoction of words and I are a lethal combination.  Letters, sentences and paragraphs are things that I come into contact with every day as an editor. Intertwined together, words have made me proud and at the same time, have caused me great distress. I really do hate writing; however, it’s my passion that fuels me.  It’s a love, hate relationship with grammar; that’s the only way to put it.

The local library on Onondaga Hill is my preference on a Tuesday afternoon. I trudge through emails, make calls and shoot off texts without being interrupted. The weather, rainy and dreary, reflects my attitude and state-of-mind–miserable and unmotivated. But I have a newspaper to lay out and articles and columns to produce, there is no time to sulk and loath in self pity.

That day also brings frustration. The calls that I made earlier aren’t coming in as fast as I would like. Anxiety heightens and becoming impatient isn’t something I can hold back any longer. I want to get my articles done in a timely manner— don’t they know that New Orleans is at Green Bay on Thursday night? Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast when it comes to the journalism field.  Adaptation is what I like to call it. Are there any short cuts I can take in order to get my job done as the editor of the Eagle Observer Newspaper? News doesn’t stop; it’s a continuous, 24-hour, seven days-a-week cycle.

My advice for those who are in school pursuing the journalism and communications route is that you have to have passion. No one can teach that character trait, it’s embedded in people from the beginning. My mother and I have had long, drawn out conversations about jobs. I always tell her that I belong in the journalism field; it’s where I feel most comfortable. Sure, I can be one darn good executive assistant, multi-tasking a lunch order for 15 and making sure copies are precisely stapled before a 3 p.m. meeting, but it’s when I’m writing that I find comfort in words. No matter how much anxiety I find myself under, I always come back around and convince myself this is what I want to do.

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