Slow down, enjoy the ride


— It’s that wonderful time of year in Central New York again. The air is crisp, the temperature settles further down the thermometer and the grey skies are filled with rain.

While one of the most beautiful parts of autumn is the vivid color-changing foliage, fallen leaves can present a hazard to drivers. The highly-trafficked Routes 92, 20 and 13, bring countless drivers into and out of Cazenovia, we all need to take a moment and slow down, not only to enjoy the season, but for safety.

As the hours of daylight continue to wain, and the number of deer increase on roadsides, Madison County Undersheriff, John Ball, reminds automobile operators to proceed with caution.

  • Check your tire pressure. With frequent weather and temperature changes, vehicle tires expand and contract more, causing them to lose air pressure. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread.

  • Avoid sun glare. With the end of Daylight Savings Time on Nov. 6 comes reduced visibility. Even on familiar roads, it is important that you use additional caution and adjust your driving habits to the different morning or late afternoon glare from the sun.

  • Watch out for leaves. Once leaves become wet, they can present slippery and dangerous driving conditions, much like icy roads. Be sure to watch for patches of leaves on the road. Avoid parking your vehicle near piles of dry leaves, as the heat from your catalytic converter could start a fire.

  • Beware of deer. The risk of deer/vehicle collisions is greatest during autumn and early winter. Two-thirds of these crashes occur in October, November, and December when deer movements peak due to the onset of the breeding season. In Madison County, vehicle/deer crashes account for over 37-percent of all crashes.

  • If you’re unfortunately involved in a collision, the Cazenovia Police Department is reachable at 655-3276. You can also contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at 366-2318. To report an emergency, dial 911.

It is a beautiful part of the year in our special neck of the woods; let’s all try to slow down and enjoy the ride.

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