Buerkle: ‘Let’s try something different’

Walt Shepperd asks Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle about the war, Sarah Palin, and being challenged for her seat

Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (R-25) already faces challengers for the 2012 election.

Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (R-25) already faces challengers for the 2012 election.

— “I met with the owner of a nursery. A beautiful place. He and his family have been in the business for about 30 years. They talked about the obstacles of government regulation. Taxes. They talked about all the things the government is doing to get in the way. During peak they hire 100 people. Getting the government out of the way is what these small businesses need. He said when the health care law goes into effect in 2013 he’s going to keep his number of employees below 50, because I don’t want to be in the position of being responsible to pay their health care. Those kinds of things destroy the economy, and we have got to look at the facts, look at what has worked and what hasn’t, and figure out a way to get through this.”

Last time we talked I asked you what are we doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you said it was a good question and you would try and find out. Have you found out?

“To be honest with you that’s a conversation for the military, because I don’t think this is a political issue. The military is who we should rely on. We shouldn’t be pandering to bases about timelines. The military knows best. We have to do what’s right. We have to preserve the interests of the United States of America, and there’s always a balance, but I have visited with families in the district who have lost sons. You sit in their living room and you feel and hear their pain. The price of war is unspeakable.”

What response do you get from the military?

“That Afghanistan and Iraq are two very different wars. Hard pressed to know what victory in Afghanistan would look like, and whether it’s achievable. One person said all you need to do is fly over Afghanistan and look at the geography and look at the mountains, and the tribes in the valleys. It’s a very different place than Iraq, with its middle class, with its infrastructure.”

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