Saddened by reported behavior at school board meetings

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

After reading Jason Emerson’s Oct. 12 piece about the investigation of our local football program I was saddened to learn of reported embarrassing adult behavior at school board meetings. It mystifies me that people are vilifying school board members for simply doing their jobs and what is right.

I met Coach Green back when our now-college-age boys played coach-pitch baseball. He is a nice guy who loves kids. I would be surprised if he did anything that would put students or their program at risk. Hopefully the investigation will find no wrongdoing.

Certainly other people are entitled to their opinions. Yes, the athletic investigation is unpleasant. Perhaps if I had a child in the football program it would bias me to prefer these complaints not be investigated. But that would not make me right.

I have known board of education members Kate Cogswell, Evan Dreyfus, and Val Jerabeck for years. These are bright hard-working people willing to do the right thing even when it is unpopular. With a reported 63 complaints, how could they not act?

All our board of education members have to address very complex issues. They deal with expensive unfunded mandates and strict limits on school tax increases. They deal in a highly regulated environment. They may wish this issue did not now take up their time, but they happen to know addressing it is their job.

Without pay for their work, our board of education members put their time and energy into improving our school system. Instead of receiving embarrassing shout downs at public meetings, I think it would be more appropriate for adult members of this community to publicly thank them for their selfless work.

For some it would also be a better example to set for their children. Moreover, the lack of courtesy in public discourse makes recruiting talented people for important public service positions more difficult.



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