Vote JAM in Lysander

— As someone who has lived in the community for almost my entire life, I truly believe we need drastic change in our town government. Our former town government has skewed assessments, amassed $4 million dollars in debt and stalled the building of the Northwest Y. It is clear that we need drastic change in the way the town of Lysander government operates.

I believe the route to real change in Lysander would be to elect all the members of Lysander First. They’re a bipartisan slate of candidates who I believe will come to the table and solve issues. The Democratic and Conservative parties endorsed John Salisbury, the candidate for supervisor. Both the Democrats and Conservatives also endorsed Andrew Reeves for councilor, and the Democratic Party endorsed Melinda Shimer for councilor. We need to elect this entire group so that they will be effective in bringing about change.

Our current supervisor has been in office for 16 years. What has he done for us? Lysander First would make town government in Lysander responsive, respectful, fiscally responsible and unbiased in making appointments.

I urge my fellow Lysander residents to get involved this election season. We as voters have a real chance to exact change in our town. We desperately need change for our children, their children and the well-being of our town. For too long we’ve had the same group of people calling the shots in Lysander and taking care of their own. On Nov. 8, I will be voting for JAM on my ballot, John Salisbury, Andrew Reeves, and Melinda Shimer. Let us free ourselves of this rampant cronyism and usher in a new era of fair and logical town government.

Gloria Cimitile is a Lysander resident.

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Bvillemom 4 years, 3 months ago

Gloria-I am confused about you supporting Andrew Reeves. He was originally tied in with Jeff Dack with the Bipartisan group. Jeff Dack has been against the YMCA being built in that location for a very long time and that is no secret. I am curious what made Andrew jump on the YMCA bandwagon? Is supporting the Y the way to more votes for Andrew? I am trying to figure out if he is a Republican or a Democrat. Is he whatever group that will give him financial backing? If so, is he any different than who we currently have running our town?


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