Do the right thing for Lysander

— Are you better off now than you were four years ago? My thought is that we are definitely not. As the declared Democratic and Conservative candidate for Lysander Supervisor, you will have a clear choice this year on Nov. 8.

Yes, tax rates have remained relatively stable in Lysander, especially in town election years. But the taxes you pay have not, money has been wasted and future generations have been hurt. First, the assessor has raised assessments, which automatically raises your taxes, even if the tax rate remained at a zero increase. Second, our debt has grown from $1 million with a five-year maturity to more than $4 million with a 20-year maturity. Do we want leadership in Lysander that passes our expenses on to our children? Third, did we really need the new town office, an office that with the sale of the old office was supposed to cost us only $100,000, but ended up costing us more than $1,500,000?

Additionally, the town councilors have spent almost $500,000 in litigation against InBev, one of the town’s largest employers. They have spent about $250,000 on the Transfer of Development Rights program (TDR) when at a public meeting they said this program would cost the taxpayers of Lysander nothing. The majority of the money spent on the TDR was paid to Barton & Logudice, the town’s engineering firm. This firm has been paid some $5 million in no-bid contracts, during the current supervisor’s tenure.

Look at the number of companies that have left the town in the past 17 years and the corresponding loss of jobs. Speaking of loss of jobs, consider what the stall tactics by our town board and their appointed boards have done to our local economy regarding the building of the Y. We have foregone approximately $2,500,000 of an annual payroll, which includes several full-time positions and a couple of hundred part-time positions for our youth.

How can we afford to continue to elect such people to be in charge of our Town? Please vote for JAM, an acronym for John Salisbury, Andrew Reeves and Melinda Shimer. Please go to our web site, lysanderfirst.com, and see our qualifications and principles of responsive and respectful government, fiscal integrity and town wide representation.

Please vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8. We hope that you will do the right thing by voting for us and once elected, we promise that we will do the right thing for you.

John A. Salisbury is a candidate for Lysander Supervisor.

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