Van Buren law: What about the other side

— Regarding your editorial on the new Livestock law approved in Van Buren, perhaps you should have listened to the “other side” of this particular family targeted by the town of Van Buren. They used the sympathy of the crowd to pass their law.

If you had taken time to hear the other family being unjustly accused, you would have a different story altogether. Ask the State Police about the many calls, unsubstantiated, by the person who spoke. Even the codes officer knows better- but is appointed by the town supervisor.

Town Supervisor Claude Sykes only cared about getting his law passed. He used this individual to accomplish that. Even when he heard the other side, he made no effort to set the record straight- leaving everyone to think badly of this family.

I have known this family for several years and would gladly vouch for their honesty and integrity. When our cows got out three years ago due to the F16 fighters fly over, the cows took the fence with them in their panic. It was the help from the couple with the horses who helped us 24/7. When I had a horse severely ill, it was their help that kept her going. They have helped many in this area without financial gain. They did it because they are “good people.” They have show horses and take good care of them. I would not hesitate to stable a horse of mine with them.

Constance Crandon is a resident of Warners.

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