OPINION: Some of us need to remember: football is only a game

Board President Evan Dreyfuss tried to make the point at the meeting that if he received eight calls from parents about a teacher abusing a student and the board did nothing, the entire board would be vilified and crucified for not acting, and yet in this similar situation they are being attacked precisely because they are acting.

The attendees shouted Dreyfuss down saying that was in no way a fair or comparable analogy. But it is both fair and comparable. The difference is that in this instance it is about a winning football coach and team rather than an abusive teacher or bullied student.

Also at the meeting it was brought up that the dozen or so football coaches and assistant coaches in Skaneateles run the program with “behavior unbecoming a professional.” Specifically, they curse and swear at the players, shout at them, ridicule them and verbally degrade them. They make the sport more like the military and the practices more like a boot camp than a form of recreation and team building.

Volleyball coach Doreen Doctor specifically broached this, and said, “If I did this I would be fired,” but since it’s the football team, many people don’t care, and many are afraid to speak out. Doctor also was shouted down by many in the audience that night.

One attendee angrily shouted out, “Everybody swears! It’s part of football.” Maybe in the NFL. It should not be in high school.

I myself attended a football practice over the summer to take photos and talk to Coach Green. I was stunned and appalled by the way some of the coaches talked to — actually screamed at and berated — some of the players. It was far beyond general swearing. It was screaming at the players with much fouler language, questioning their manhood.

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