Occupy Syracuse takes aim at Wall Street

Folksinger/activist Chris Chandler says “Tear down Wall Street!”

Folksinger/activist Chris Chandler says “Tear down Wall Street!”

— I say, “Tear down that Wall (Street), Mr. Bernanke!”

It is you, oh mighty 1 percent of this country, that has raked in record profits while refusing to pay taxes by calling yourselves job-creators. Yeah, you are creating jobs alright...in Third World countries.

No, you are the Job creators – as in the book of Job.

You’re making your wager with the devil – creating doubters among the righteous by destroying our possessions and turning our social safety-net into a hammock for yourself.

You call yourself corporate citizens, but I will believe in corporate citizenship when I see a corporation rotting in prison. If I perpetrated the crimes you commit, that’s where I would be.

Some say tax the rich. I say jail the rich

So, yes, there are people in the streets. It took nearly a month for the media to notice at all. But if you put half a dozen Teabaggers in Cincinnati on a street corner holding an “Obama is Hitler” sign, FOX News acts like it’s a Republican Woodstock.

They start singing:

“By the time we got to Islamabad

We were half a million strong,

And everywhere there was wrong and incarceration.

And I dreamed I saw the bombers

Riding shotgun in the sky,

And they were turning into dollars

Above our nation.”

But these are not Sixties protesters. There is a big difference. Sixties protestors were brought up in the brand-loyal 1950s. Those kids were major consumers…They queued up to buy groovy Carnaby Street “Mod Gear” and “Wear Your Love Like Heaven” cosmetics.

Today’s protester does not buy anything. They won’t shop at the Gap, they run Wal-Mart out of town – hell, they won’t even go to Starbucks.

Oh, before the Berlin Wall fell, we loved to talk about how the Soviet Union would broadcast only the songs of the state and we romanticized that it was our radio broadcasts wafting in from West Berlin that tore down the wall.

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