The appearance of a room tied together

— Looking for work while maintaining my standards, I accepted a gig to review a movie bundle. The show was called, “Citizen Kane and The Big Lebowski: 50 years of Simulacrum in American Cinema.” The popcorn was $8, soda $4, candy $3. I had already spent $15 before I found out the gig was cancelled, the rug had been pulled out from under me.

There I was, unemployed and sugared up, with nothing to show but an empty bucket big enough to hold a 13-digit debt, a side order of stimuli, and no rug to really tie the room together.

I decided to review the bundle regardless, hoping to freelance a deal, still an option for some of us unemployed.

“Citizen Kane,” once considered the greatest film ever made, was a rags to riches epic that portrayed an ambitious American newspaper man who used all his powers and leverage to achieve every success, only to discover loneliness at the top. He longed for the unattainable happiness of his youth. He died sadly in his badly rundown pleasure palace, his last breath longing for a childhood sled.

Who among us doubts ambition? We are programmed to achieve, attain and succeed, but are we prepared for the alternative? Do we still admire the Kanes of the world? I say “yes,” many of us do, but then there’s The Dude in “The Big Lebowski.”

This movie begins with curb appeal mistaken identity and is immediately followed into the gutter with wrongful rug urination, foul language, amputation, slothfulness, drunkenness, more foul language, ultra violent behavior and worse. The drama explodes into kidnapping, a million dollar ransom and lives at stake. The Dude, a human bump on a log, only wants his rug back. It really tied the room together.

This movie is considered by some, to be a masterpiece. I heard one guy say it was his desert island choice, you know … if he had to pick just one.

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