Dependence leads to dependence


The Skaneateles school district gets less state financial aid than most other districts in New York, and yet simultaneously we have one of the best school systems in the state. This fact has come up multiple times over the past week, most recently at the Skaneateles Education Foundation fundraiser, “Hoedown for Education,” on Oct. 1 — a fantastic event that raised money for academic grants and programs for the schools. People have been lamenting the lack of government aid to Skaneateles, yet we think we should celebrate it.

Dependence — especially on government handouts — leads only to more dependence, and the fact that we have such an extraordinary school system shows that we can achieve great academics by relying on ourselves and on our community.

The fact that Skaneateles achieves more than most other districts with less state aid is a testament to the ingenuity and imagination of our school board, our district administration, and, especially, our teachers. To struggle often is to achieve greater things. To take handouts often leads only to laziness and an entitlement mentality, and then, when those entitlements run out or are taken away, all hope and drive and ingenuity seem to have died.

In our recent national environment of a moribund economy, political calamity and complete void of leadership, why would we want to rely on state and federal politicians and appointees to offer us opportunities we can do better and more efficiently ourselves?

Organizations like the Skaneateles Education Foundation gives us all opportunities to support our schools and our community; at every school board meeting thousands of dollars in donations given to the district by altruistic residents is announced. This is the greatness of our community. We encourage our readers to support and join such ideas and endeavors.

Our children already know they can achieve anything they set their minds to, and when we lead by example of self-sufficiency and determination, we show them we can achieve these things as well.

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