Public servants should run to do the job of protecting citizens

— To the editor:

Bob Antonacci has, and is, doing a very commendable job as Comptroller for the county, but as a County Legislator representing the people, I cannot justify the need for a raise. The notion that this job needs to be brought up a notch to attract qualified people for the job simply is not true. 

This economy is presenting very hard times in our communities. We have people who have lost their jobs, people watching their life savings disappear with the stock market, and most important - the senior citizens, who are living day to day without a cost of living pay increase in almost three years to their social security.

It may be only pennies added to the tax payers, but if you start adding all the pennies up— for milk, bread, gas, the day to day necessities, it is making it tougher for people trying to make ends meet.  

We as true public servants should not run for the size of the paycheck, but to do the job of protecting the citizens, as we were elected to do. 

Judy Tassone

Onondaga County Legislature

4th District

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tptuttle 4 years, 4 months ago

judy you are so right nows not the time for pay raises.we need to roll back last years largest tax increase in onondaga county historyand stop this years increase .how do people on fixed income survive on[ in the case of clay residents] a 71% increase in their county taxes.


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