Adventures are what you make them

— It was after midnight when the tow truck left and I went into the terminal to see about the car rental.  Spooky! All of the airline counters were dark. My footsteps echoed. The only bright lights came from the car rental area. I stopped at the latter and explained that I needed my complimentary rental in order to get home. The woman looked at me as if I were carrying a bucket of really dead fish.  “The best I can do is to give you a 10-percent discount. What kind of car do you want?” One that works came to mind, but I demurred and simply said, “The cheapest.”  She typed up an invoice, gave me a key and directed me to my $70-a-day rental. Talk about sticker shock, but what could I do? She was closing her counter in eight minutes. Without transportation, it would be me in the darkened terminal along with a guy sweeping near the baggage claim. Adventure only goes so far.

In the morning, I began my quest to figure out how I was going to pick up my spouse at the airport, my car at the dealership and return my non-complimentary rental. I called the dealership to enquire about when I could pick up my car. There was a tiny problem: it seems like my car and its key had parted ways. If they were going to diagnose what was wrong, they had to get into the car. I was quickly on my way to the city in my husband’s car to drop off my extra key. Of course, when I arrived at the dealership, they told me that they found the key. They left a message on my home phone. I didn’t bother to ask why they didn’t call me on my cell? With the way things had been unfolding, it seemed to be one of those “why bother” things. It was then back to Camillus to negotiate with the auto club. The sympathetic staff, a tad confused about the rental benefit, made some phone calls and it all worked out as well as it could. Not the best, but acceptable. Some things are just not adventurous.

It was late morning when I picked up my husband at the airport. He told me about his adventures in our nations’ capitol that included reunions with friends, a black tie gala, museums, an ambassador’s residence and more. I told him my local version that came in at about $2 per mile and a day wasted driving back and forth with keys and such. We eventually got the rental returned and my car back. What was wrong with my car?  Dead battery cell … or that’s what they tell me. It’s all one big fun adventure.

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