Celebrating with, not without

— On the other side of the planet, as far from Cazenovia as earthly possible, the Chinese revere the concept of yin yang where seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent, yet give rise to each other in turn.

Opposites, like all and one, only exist in relation to each other, opposing, but not in opposition to one another. In actuality, boundaries are fluid and ever changing, mere concoctions between extremes.

Many of us believe differently because of the way we were told, whether it be good/evil, right/wrong, big/small, black/white, and so on.

The reason to cling to beliefs in the light of logical contradiction is “because people get freaked out at the notion of being wrong about anything,” according to Marilyn vos Savant in Parade Magazine. “It makes them feel insecure. If you can be wrong about this or that, what about all the other stuff that you think you know?”

To me, that sounds about right, but then Marilyn concocts a boundary. “After we leave school, we tend to head down one of two roads: 1) We close our minds to new or different information while becoming more and more sure of ourselves as we get older; or 2) we watch, listen, and continue to learn as we get older. The second road has way more bumps and curves, but it’s also the path to wisdom.”

Obviously, that’s the road she took and she’s pointing out the fact that she’s Marilyn vos Savant and we are not.

I prefer to follow Yogi Berra’s wisdom, when I see a fork in the road, I take it. Yes Marilyn, there is a yin yang.

When I came to Cazenovia some years ago, I was attracted by Wheatberry, a unique restaurant that catered to the health conscious and the more liberal segment of society.

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