Celebrating with, not without

— Today is my birthday, a date on the calendar that coincides with the date I (how I refer to myself) was born, the day I became an individual.

The date, the year, the name, the government and the number are all the concocted efforts of society created to differentiate me from other individuals.

However, without them, I’d still be an individual, a fleeting existence, being and doing, sometimes lonely, but never alone.

Loneliness is a state of disconnection from the community, how we fit in with others, while aloneness is a state of disconnection from the self, an anxiety disorder based on self judgment and appreciation.

If I don’t like myself, I’m less likely to interject myself into the community without anticipation of rejection.

On the other hand, if I accept myself — and why shouldn’t I? — I’ll never be alone. I have me.

I am obliged in this column to “discuss community-wide issues the residents of Cazenovia can relate to.”

I think of community as being very wide, while Cazenovia is a concocted means of differentiation, kind of a different thing.

Like a car that rolls off the assembly line, I am an amalgamation, a virtual community of self.

I suggest we are all individually the same, whether we have a Cazenovia address, or Manlius, or Alabama or China.

Com, from the Latin, means with, not without.

After 55 times around the sun, I would like to explore and embrace our sameness, community without concocted boundaries. Logical progression will lead me to a more conscious self, a higher power or God, if you will.

If I can connect with God, then my sense of community also expands to develop a broad perspective of belongingness, all of us together.

Isn’t God the one thing we all share and individuality the one thing we don’t?

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