A walk through the heart of Baldwinsville

— I recently read some political platforms leading up to Election Day. I noticed repetition in the issues mentioned: reducing state mandates, keeping taxes down, consolidating services. It strikes me now how basic this all is, just as it was when my daughter and I walked hand-in-hand through the town. We need a bank, a post office, a laundry, a library and a grocery. We want some restaurants, and snow removal, and cheap gas. We need town officials minding the details that make our lives run smoothly.

My daughter’s first field trip was the heart of my walk. Her first introduction to the community is my daily errand run. With all my adult responsibilities and complexities, life still revolves around basic goods and services. The economy of our lives ebbs and flows. Pundits and politicians sound warnings and make dire predictions. Yet at the cadence of a walk, I found little to worry about. I found what I needed for the day. Life would go on, as it always has gone on; and I would find my way in it.

Karen Abbott is a published author and the mother of four girls, raised at Abbott Farms in Baldwinsville. She enjoys quilting, teaching and home economics.

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