Talking Turkey

How do some of our neighbors cook for Thanksgiving?

—Holly Delavan, employed by Rescue Mission, Syracuse: I don't eat turkey. I'm a vegetarian.

—Merrie Murray, travel writer: Rub with juice of an orange inside and out, cover with cheesecloth until it browns, remove and keep on basting with mixture of oil and butter. Yum.

—Noelle Pinckney (granddaughter, 13): You go to a friend's house and it’s already done.

— Molly Gallant, retired flight attendant: Baste it all over with butter and put in oven at 350 degrees. Dance around the kitchen with your man until done.

—Paul Gallant, artist; retired president, Eight O’clock Coffee: Fill the deep fryer with peanut oil and fire up the gas; insert the turkey and sit on your a--. When you think it’s done, remove the turkey and have another drink.

—Name withheld on request: Next time I would remember to take out that little paper bag thing inside the turkey before I cook it.

— Janet Francis, clinical social worker: I only buy fresh, organic turkeys. The meat is darker and has a wonderful taste.

—Bill Delavan, brother: Find a turkey. Kill it; clean it; stuff it; put in oven for a long time … hell, I don’t know how to cook a turkey. I’ve never done it before.

—Jeff Lavaty, artist: We take the feet of the turkey and barbecue them.

—Ebba Lavaty, Jeff’s wife: I stuff the turkey with celery, nuts and seasoned stuffing, an orange and an onion. Then I put into a plastic cooking bag, put it in the oven and forget about it until done.

—John Dyson, husband: I would serve with Ma Poole’s Green Tomato Chutney.

And here is a traditional way to cook a turkey adapted from English cooking diva’s recipe, Della Smith.


1-14-lb. turkey (for larger turkeys see below)

6 oz. butter, softened

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