Mosquitoes, beaver dams plague former construction site on North Lake Road

Letter to the editor

— To the editor:

For 13 years my wife, Barbara, and I have lived on Mark Lane, just north of Cazenovia Lake.

For the first 12 years we were able to enjoy the yard and deck at all hours without being bothered by mosquitoes. This last summer, we were inundated with them.

What changed?

Late the previous summer, Madison County hired a construction company to rebuild North Lake Road (a county-owned road) and the bridge that allows water to pass from the northern watershed into Lake Cazenovia.

To build this bridge, the company erected a temporary cofferdam to keep water out of the construction area.

When the project was completed the cofferdam was left partially in place and the plentiful beavers in the area use it to build a dam, to retain more water on the north side of North Lake Road.

The wetland behind our house previously dried up during the summer months but last year it was a constant series of stagnant pools — and mosquitoes.

I’ve discussed this problem with the Highway Superintendent Tim Hunt, and he explains that the town has no equipment with enough reach to tear out the cofferdam and that trying to destroy beaver dams is a frustrating, full time occupation.

Sounds like too many layers of government allow all to shirk responsibility.

Unless someone can get this cofferdam foundation removed, all of Cazenovia will be suffering an increasing mosquito problem in summers to come.

David Bull


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