RCA decision reprehensible

— Furthermore, we find it rather ironic that we as home owners, have to get permission to cut down a dead tree, yet you can, through your recent decision, destroy the habitat of potentially thousands of animals and birds without thought to consequences. What’s happened to your concept of keeping Radisson as natural as possible? What’s next? A mega Wegmans store on the corner of Willett Parkway and Route 31? How about a Burger King and Taco Bell somewhere along Willett Parkway as well?

You did not get our permission to support YMCA plans and we find it rather distressing that you didn’t even bother to ask.

When considering the results of feedback similar to this, we can only hope that someone on the Radisson Board of Directors still has the integrity to do the right thing - protect home owner’s interests and the natural serenity of our community. We do not need or want a YMCA at Drakes Landing. FYI - the U.S. Senate and Congress staffers will tell you that for every letter or call they receive with a strong opinion, there are 100 other constituents with the same opinion who do not take the time to write or call. So consider this letter and every one like it, as coming from a significantly greater number of “additional Radisson home owners” who feel exactly the same way.

In conclusion, we can only hope that the Town of Lysander Planning Board has the tenacity and integrity to stand by their earlier decision, rejecting YMCA plans for the Drakes Landing site and concluding that not only was it not in the best interest of the environment, but would have a negative effect on residents’ quality of life and investments as well. However, the Planning Board is not the real concern. The real concern is your last minute reversal in supporting the YMCA plan, coupled with the YMCA’s somewhat last minute political support of the JAM candidates, who now have the power to change zoning laws and now owe political favors to the YMCA. Despicable “backroom politics” at its best.

James and Kathryn Kocik are residents of Lysander.

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